I've always loved words and I wasn't bad at drawing in school so I ended up studying graphic design. 'Typography is what language looks like', so I quickly figured out that I wanted it to be my thing and have been trying hard to make it so since then. Sometimes successfully.

Since leaving college, I have worked for a company called GetHealth. My duties there are manifold but the most important part of my work there has been designing a game to change health behaviours, which is currently in its second major incarnation. 

Previously I focused mainly on typography, layout and branding. Lately, I've worked mainly as a UX/UI and game designer. Though these sound like two different sets of disciplines, the techniques and skills at the core are the same. I'm concerned with the trip between what a person sees and what they think. I'm curious and flexible and I would like to apply my skills in different fields where possible. 

I believe in the power of graphic design to persuade, educate and elucidate. I believe my job is to ask the right questions, solve problems and occasionally make something cool or beautiful in the process. I believe good design is a necessity, not a luxury.

Get in touch if you have any questions or you want to talk design. If the project is interesting, I'm usually available.